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Valet: £40 - £60

Snow foamed to loosen dirt

Full 2 bucket wash

Wheels cleaned using non acid based cleaners

Dried using microfiber towels and air blower

Paintwork polished

Tyres dressed

Interior vacuumed 

Plastics cleaned 

Glass polished 

Plastics dressed


Paint correction detail: £150 PER DAY  2-3 days 

Under goes the same treatment as the enhancement detail but goes much further with the polishing to correct the paint. 95% of the cars paintwork defects will be removed such as heavy swirls, random scratches, bird dropping and etching leaving the paint looking glossy, like new and better than a factory finish. 


Paint protection: 

We offer a full range of paint protection with much better results than dealer applied sealants, ideal for your new car to maintain value and paintwork quality, and perfect to seal up a enhanced or corrected paint work.


Waxes: Included in most services 

Typically give the greatest gloss leaving the wet look we all desire but have the least endurance. 


Polymer and paste sealants: Included with most services. 

Much longer endurance for up to 12months. These don't tend to give as much gloss as a wax but give a better protection to UV and bird droppings. This will also make cleaning much easier. 


Ceramic/Glass/Nano Coatings: starting from £120 extra to your chosen service 

The most durable and strongest coating available 

can last up to 5years with correct maintaince.

These give the best of both worlds with the great gloss of a wax but even better protection again UV, Bird droppings and Wash marring as it creates a much harder surface layer to the paint which makes scratching the paint much more difficult

 (but not impossible!)   

Paint enhancement detail: £150 p/day 1-2 days  

Your car is washed as above, plus a fall out remover applied to remove any harsh iron deposits from paint work before claying. 

The car is then dried fully and paint inspected for best choice of enhancing. Your car is then polished to achieve a close to perfect finish, removing light swirling holograms and light surface defects. 

High quality wax or sealant is then applied to protect the fresh glossy paintwork lasting up to 6 months ( other paint sealant packages available for up 2-3 years protection)


Interior Detail £30+

This is a full Top to bottom Clean of the inside for your car all carpets seats and headliners cleaned and sanitized using a steam cleaner 

Plastics are cleaned and dressed 

Glass is polished 

Fabrics cleaned

leather conditioned 


New Car Protection

Buying a new car ?


Time to start thinking about protecting your investment , after all your car is more than likely the 2nd most expensive thing you will own or buy, The best form of protection is a ceramic coating that will last 2-5 years if maintained correctly , it will also make cleaning easier reduce wash marring due to creating a harder surface, which also means it helps stop bird droppings and bug splatter from damaging your paint.


Every surface can be coated including paint , glass, wheels, fabric roofs, carpets, seats ,leather and plastic New car paint coatings start from just £180 Which compared to dealership offers of £300 plus for inferior sealants applied incorrectly and will never last like they say.




Glass coating to improve visibility when raining £60


Convertible roof sealed £50


Wheels sealed

£50 faces only (wheels left on car)

£120 Wheels removed from car and every part sealed


Interiors protected are priced to suit


When using a long lasting paint coating, it is best to have the paint at the best it can be, even new cars from the dealership can have paint defects, so its always best for us to view a car before booking in so we can asses if any further machine polishing needs to be done (more often than not its mainly used cars that need the extra time) All new cars are fully washed, decontaminated with tar & iron removers then clayed, then a light machine polished to remove any very fine marring and make sure the paint is super clean and no wax is left from any other applications. Your car then has a full alcohol wipe down to make sure there's no oils, silicones or waxes left so that the coating has 100% bare paint to coat, which means it can create a strong bond to your vehicle.

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